While shipping vendors have been instructed to hold deliveries of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus until Friday’s official launch date, there is no such restriction on the official Apple cases designed for the new devices. As a result, several MacRumors readers and others who placed orders for cases when iPhone pre-orders went live last Friday have already begun receiving their case orders. iLounge has shared some good photos of the brown leather iPhone 6 Plus case

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Official iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases Arriving Ahead of Friday’s iPhone Launch

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Apple’s two-factor authentication system is now enabled for iCloud.com, with the site asking for a verification code before allowing users with two-factor authentication enabled to access various iCloud.com apps.

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iCloud.com Now Utilizing Two-Factor Authentication

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Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus won’t be available to consumers until Friday, September 19, but some devices have been trickling out early ahead of the phone’s launch. Korean site UNDERkg has managed to get both an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus , sharing hands-on videos and photos. The first video focuses on the 4.7-inch gold iPhone 6, walking through all of the features including the display, the Touch ID home button, the protruding lens, and the power button, which has been relocated to the right side of the device for easier one-handed access.

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Shown Off in Early Hands-On Videos

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Netflix today officially launched [ Google Translate ] its subscription movie and TV show service in Germany, and as noted by ifun.de [ Google Translate ], the launch includes day-one support on the Apple TV. Apple has significantly expanded content offerings on the Apple TV over the past year or two, but many of the additions have been limited to the United States. The Netflix channel has, however, been available in many of the markets served by Netflix, which has included the U.S., Latin America, and a number of countries in Europe

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Netflix Launches in Germany, Including on Apple TV [Mac Blog]

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Back in 2012, patent holding company VirnetX won a patent lawsuit against Apple over virtual private networking (VPN) connectivity related to Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature. VirnetX was awarded $368.2 million after a jury trial. The U.S

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Appeals Court Throws Out $368 Million Verdict Against Apple in VirnetX Lawsuit [iOS Blog]

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Part leaks have previously suggested that the iPhone 6 has just 1 GB of RAM , much like its predecessor the iPhone 5s, but the memory status of the iPhone 6 Plus has thus far remained a mystery, leading many to hope that the larger device has been upgraded to 2 GB of RAM.

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iPhone 6 Plus Might Be Limited to 1 GB of RAM

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Apple may be forced to wait until 2015 to launch the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China, according to a report in 21st Century Business Herald [ Google Translate ]. If true, the delay could have consequences for the company both in terms of customer momentum in the critical Chinese market and overall earnings projections

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Launches in China May Be Delayed Until 2015 [iOS Blog]

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Following last week’s iPhone and Apple Watch media event, Apple officially invited developers to begin submitting their iOS 8 apps for App Store review ahead of tomorrow’s public release of the new operating system. While a number of developers have been tweaking their apps to work better with iOS 8 over the past few months, the major step forward comes as apps begin to support the new functionalities supported in iOS 8

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Apple Approving iOS 8-Optimized Apps, but Extensions Not Working Properly Yet

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iPad Air 2 Insurance Coverage Options

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There are various iPad Air 2 insurance coverage options to choose from when you start thinking of acquiring an iPad Air 2. iPad Air 2 insurance coverage is an important component of iPad Air 2 ownership. It is crafted with a better understanding of the real conditions you face in life especially with an expensive and sophisticated phone which brings a lot of difference to your mobile New Moto G2 Case phone experience. Many people desire the phone but costs have served to keep them out. Your phone faces several risks ranging from theft to damages.

Damage risks for iPad Air 2s are numerous. The phone comes with a wide screen which is not protected by any means. A hard hit on it is sufficient to break it or a hard fall on hard surface. You may slip while holding the phone and get the phone fall off your hands. You may get your phone drop in water directly under different circumstances iPhone 6 5.5 inch Cases or you may yourself fall in water while having the phone with you. If you have iPad Air 2 insurance coverage which takes care of such risks then you are certain that in case some calamity befalls you, you have a shoulder to support yourself on.

iPad Air 2 insurance coverage appreciates that certain things are unavoidable and you can often get yourself in trouble with your phone. It does not guarantee that you will not have trouble in as much as it offers you several tips on how iPad Air 2 Cover to avoid trouble. But it guarantees you a safe valve from which you can move on incase you have a bad experience. It will come to your rescue to help you repair your phone if that is possible. iPad Air 2 insurance coverage will also help you purchase a new phone if your phone can not be repaired or completely lost.

But it must not be lost to you that iPad Air 2 insurance coverage is not similar in content from one policy to another. Some iPad Air 2 insurance coverage are iPad Mini 3 Accessories more inclusive than others and even prices vary considerably. Costs are no ground for evaluating the usefulness of iPad Air 2 insurance coverage. Costs depend much on how a company has organized its business. Where a company depends on external technicians to do their repairs or diagnostic checks, expenses will be higher and more time required to provide the iPad Air 2 insurance coverage. The costs would be considerably lower and time taken much shorter in circumstances where the company Google Nexus X Cases does much of its processes in-house.

This iPad Air 2 insurance cover is affordable because the company has done sufficient groundwork to be able to do business efficiently. You are provided a free trial period of 90 days which you should take advantage of. This trial period means that you make some payment for insurance cover but if you are not satisfied within a period of 90 days then you can withdraw and get all your deposits refunded fully.

Nano Skin For Your iPad Air 2 Or iPad Air 2

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Everyone wants to protect their nano iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2 from external factors. To safeguard your iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2, you can use Nano skin. You can use Nano skin cover to protect your gadget from abuse or scratches that commonly arises due to usage. The Nano skin cover is a silicon cover and it gives a tailor finish to your iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2.

iPhone 6 Case Especially the ones with camera, you would have seen the skin cover of these phones. Either the hold or gap is too small or very big with that of the camera size. However, Nano skin does not give you that problem. The finishing is so perfect as if it is tailor made to your phone. A lamination coat is also available in order to safeguard your iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2. Especially the 5th generation product comes with Nano skin.

You also have openings for headphone jack, Dock connector, click iPad Pro Cases wheel, hold button, camera etc and the opening is of the right size which enables to use these features without any difficulty. This is possible only due to the finish that the Nano skin cover gives you. The lamination protects the nano skin and due to the same reason, you need not change the skin very frequently.

Nano skin covers are available in various colors and designs for you to choose. The duotone silicone design gives a great look and the art work done on the technology piece blends so well iPad Mini 3 Cases and looks natural. It is not possible for anyone to even make out that it is an additional accessory. Nano cover or skin is available in vibrant colors and is the final protection solution for iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2 users. These Nano skin is compatible with that for any iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 2 products.

Warranty is also given to these skins and if replacement is required, all you need to do is just return it to the manufacturer. All Nano skin fuses two pieces of silicone New Moto G2 Case and you will never be able to see the joint anywhere in the skin. The finishing would be so perfect. These covers comes in varied colors and also super shock protection. The skin would give you a soothing feeling and will work for many years to come. The common colors that most of the people prefer are black and gray.

The cost of the skin cover ranges from 10 dollars to 25 dollars. You also get many funky designs on the skin cover. In short, designs are available for all kinds of people and age group. iPhone 6 Pouch People do not comment on the cost of the skin as it comes for many years and you need not change the skin cover for years. So, there is value for money. You must surf the net for more details on the skin cover and the varied designs. The skin cover for iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 2 is manufactured in the United States of America which describes the quality of the skin cover. So, you must surf the net, get detailed information and go for the skin cover.