Following a concept that showed off a possible look at the iPhone 6 based on recent leaked info , French website [ Google Translate ] and graphic designer Martin Hajek have once again teamed up to showcase renders for an “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6c”, which are based off of Apple’s current iPhones and alleged iPhone 6 design drawings posted by Japanese magazine MacFan . The renderings show iPhone 6s devices in gold and space grey colors, which retain the same tint as seen in the corresponding iPhone 5s models but adopt the thin, rounded profile that has been rumored for the iPhone 6. Like the previous renders, the power button is located along the upper right side of the device, with the iPhone 6s sporting rectangular volume controls similar to that of the fifth-generation iPod touch.

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New Renders Show Off ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6c’ Concepts [iOS Blog]

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Apple Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Why You’ll Need One

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Whenever you buy an Samsung Galaxy S5, the very first thing you should look at is how you can offer an effective degree of protection for the new purchase. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely a valuable device, and you ought to look after it accordingly. Apart from being costly, the unit is greatly sensitive and delicate. Once you have spent a hefty amount of cash to purchase the unit, opt S5 Case for spending several extra dollars to guarantee the total safety and protection from the gadget against any mishap.

Here are a few important points which supports you guard your apple Samsung Galaxy S5 from being broken by accidental falls and from reducing its efficiency because of the dust and dirt.

When selecting the Case for Samsung Galaxy S5, look into the corners from the case, because the case must have extra padding and safety there. It’s been discovered that once Galaxy S5 Cases the phone is dropped, it most often arrives at a large part. Keeping this in your mind, ensure that the situation that you upgrade on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is strong round the corners, offering your gadget using the highest degree of protection.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 screen can also be exceptionally delicate. You don’t want to break your screen together with your keys or any other hard components of your wallet. For this function, you need to locate a first-rate screen protector Samsung S5 Case that will shield the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 effectively. By using such protectors and case for Samsung Galaxy S5, you are able to keep up with the condition of the phone similar to the condition it had been in whenever you purchased.

Hard Samsung Galaxy S5 cases tend to be better and helpful than leather cases. Leather cases neglect to absorb the shock once the phone is dropped on the floor. Although leather cases safeguard the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a number of different Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories ways, like from dirt, dust, scratches, they don’t prosper against powerful blows. Hard-shell Samsung Galaxy S5 cases are the most useful selling kind of case. It is usually a smart idea to don’t take a chance using the precious gadget.

Despite being essential for the security from the Samsung Galaxy S5, these cases also have ended up being the best accessory to create your Samsung Galaxy S5 look more appealing and interesting. This Samsung Galaxy S5 Skin Case can be found in various Samsung S5 Cases designs, styles and colors. It is simple to discover the perfect case to match your personality. The unit alone is incredible, however, you might make it much more incredible and obtain probably the most use from this whenever you keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 protected inside a case.

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Apple tonight released an update for FaceTime on OS X [ Direct Link ], which resolves connections issues and is recommended for all FaceTime users currently running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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Apple Fixes FaceTime on Older Versions of OS X, iOS 6 Still Not Working

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Apple has debuted a new TV ad alongside Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tonight on ABC called “Powerful”.

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Apple Debuts New ‘Powerful’ TV Ad Focusing on iPhone 5s [Updated]

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Steve Jobs was infamous for his temper, with a famous story about him blowing up at the MobileMe team following a rocky rollout of that service in 2008. However, Jobs isn’t the only employee at Apple with a short fuse. A profile in The Information studies Kim Vorrath , Apple’s vice president in charge of “program management” for both iOS and OS X.

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Steve Jobs’ Infamous Temper Lives on at Apple in Bug-Wrangler Kim Vorrath [Mac Blog]

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A research note ( via Barrons ) from Christopher Caso, an analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group, reiterates previous analyst reporting about the iWatch, saying Apple is looking to enter production with a pair of screen sizes in the fourth quarter of 2014. Caso says Apple has production targets of 5-6 million units, but believes the iWatch will “essentially replace the iPod in the consumer portion of AAPL’s product lineup” and will see lowered iPod sales as a result of customers choosing the iWatch instead. The note says the iPod is not expected to be updated this year

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iWatch May Ultimately Replace iPod, No iPod Updates Expected in 2014

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Apple today released AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.7.3 for AirPorts with 802.11ac. The update includes security improvements related to SSL/TLS.

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Apple Releases AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.7.3 With Heartbleed Fix [Mac Blog]

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Google is covering lawyer fees and potential damage awards with regards to four patents in the ongoing Apple/Samsung patent case, according to a report from Re/code , quoting deposition testimony from a Google attorney that Apple introduced in court today. Google’s contractual obligations to defend Samsung relate to a “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” between the two companies related to the distribution of Google applications, including Gmail on Samsung’s Android devices. Samsung called several Google employees as witnesses as part of its defense.

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Google Covering Defense Costs and Damage Awards for Four Patents in Apple/Samsung Case

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ElevationLab today launched a new Kickstarter project for the Elevation Stand , an aluminum stand designed for the iMac and Apple displays. Aimed at improving posture, the Elevation Stand is milled from a single piece of aluminum to match the seamless look of the iMac and Appleā€™s displays. According to ElevationLab, the Elevation Stand has the smallest footprint of available iMac stands, along with a minimalistic design that hides extras like hard drives, USB hubs, cables, and more

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ElevationLab Debuts Aluminum Elevation Stand for iMac and Apple Displays [Mac Blog]

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Alongside iOS 7.1.1, Apple has introduced a new OS X beta program that will see non-developers given an opportunity to download OS X betas before they are released to the public.

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Apple Allowing Non-Developers to Apply for OS X Beta Program

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