Apple has posted a new page on its developer website (via Cult of Mac ) outlining as to why it rejects apps from the App Store, giving tips on how to better prepare an app for a review. The page also gives the top ten reasons for app rejections during the 7-day period ending last week: Top 10 reasons for app rejections during the 7‑day period ending August 28, 2014.

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Apple Reveals Common Reasons for App Rejections on New Developer Page [iOS Blog]

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Last week, a video from Feld & Volk depicted a nearly complete 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that was assembled from various iPhone 6 parts , giving us a clear picture of what the finished device might look like ahead of its September 9 debut. A second video has surfaced from Russian YouTube channel Rozetked (via 9to5Mac ), depicting another near-complete 4.7-inch iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5s

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Nearly Complete iPhone 6 Assembled From Parts Compared to iPhone 5s in New Video

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Apple is investigating the breach of several celebrity iCloud accounts that allowed hackers to access the private photos and videos of multiple well-known actresses, according to a statement an Apple spokesperson gave to Re/code .

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Apple ‘Actively Investigating’ Hacking of Celebrity iCloud Accounts

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Cell phones are the top selling pieces in the digital gizmos industry. Ever next day you observe a few innovative design from several new handset model. It is pretty tricky to keep up with with the style and trend of mobile phones. You are required to pay out lots of money to stay cool and trendy. Obviously everyone desires to have the hottest handphone parts but not everybody wants to spend numerous money to achieve the mission. As a result if you get a iPad Air 2 Keyboard mobile phone parts business enterprise in that case you are required to need some nice costs so that everyone can easily get captivated and your gross sales can improve. You will find a few guidelines which are required to begin your own private mobile phone accessories business.

Find the wholesale cell phone accessories dealer:

the primary thing which is necessary to perform a wholesale cell phone accessories online business is to get a responsible and ideal wholesale handphone parts store. Especially if you get a dropshipping company and then the wholesale iPad Pro Case handphone parts supplier will become the central source of your business. Think about your own wholesale cell phone accessories store providing postponed and cheap products to your consumers. Absolutely you’ll not be having any more shoppers from the next time. Consequently it can be your responsibility to take care of the greatest wholesale handset accessories provider.

Enroll your corporation:

It doesn’t matter you’re doing your business in a physical shop or online shops, you are required to register by the authorities. Taxation sections largely serve iPad Mini Air Cover the needs and you are required to submit handful of documents on business in conjunction with your identity card. A taxation ID is issued to your enterprise that is very much identical to your countrywide duty number. You ought to find a really nice and appealing brand for your business. If you are carrying out your business internet, you ought to pay for a domain name which specifies your internet site in the best manner. The domain should be painless to type and easy to gain access to making no confines in the route.

Launch your brick and mortar or web based iPad Air 2 Cover shop:

When you’ve listed your own wholesale mobile phone accessories company, you are required to fill its shelves with the latest and trendy wholesale cell phone parts. Simply buy stylish handset accessories. Take care that you don’t reach the situation of making closeout sellings on account of no sales of certain ware. Simply concentrate on extremely required handphone parts with the intention that you can sell quickly.

Offer discounts, sales, transactions and best buys:

If you want to boost the sales of your wholesale handset accessories company, iPad Pro Cases you should offer a few deals and bargains. Users care for cut rates thus take care that your company offer plenty discounts.


If you possess an online enterprise, it’s also possible to go to eBay to ask for the best possible price of your proposed wholesale cell phone accessories. The online auctions expert services can allow you to get the most likely price of your wholesale mobile phone parts. There are numerous wholesale mobile phone parts dealers on auction web sites earning thousands of bucks in profits.

Hottest Cellular Phone Accessories

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There was a period as cellular phones were such as around great First Aid Boxes, along with a lot of wiring and broadcasting possessions. After that, Through the passage of period, objects goes on towards manufacturing simpler, slighter more such as a actual communication utilities. Nowadays, cellular phones are something like a thrilling Pandoras Box. From Apple Blackberry Passports to Google Nexus One, there are lots of stylish, refined and classy gadgets obtainable now, Comprising Lots of characteristics than any other electronic gadget of such level.
However appearance like, even an Apple Blackberry Passport is not adequate. Togather with the Mobile phone, the cellular phone iPhone 6L Case accessories have furthermore build up into a different brand of devices, which can make up single hell of a discrepancy in the personalization of your Mobile phone. Specified below are the pinnacle especially samsung cell phone accessories based over technical pluses, illustration grads Also usefulness.
?br /> Power Mat Charger.
One of the largely well-liked and fundamental improvement in stipulations of charging gadgets are the Power Mats. These wireless Power Mat Charging gadgets are absolutely a thrilling speculate as it appears to charging. To charge every each type of interaction gadgets, from Blackberry Passports to PDAs, what you want only the correctly kinds of holder or case. You simply have to hook up your Mobile phone togather with the Power iPad Air 2 Cases Mat case or plug, Also leave it on the charging surface of your Power Mat Charger. Your gadget is on charge.
?br /> Case Mate Casings.
Case Mate is not a latest brand for the consumers who Adore to remain their cellular phones dressed in graceful and classy cases. Existing for almost all now cellular phone and PDA gadget, Case Mate Casings can not just get into your mobile phone Appearance aside from the other such objects However as well Facilitate a lot in expressions of protection and moving relieve. Clips, hangs and stands are the distinctive augmentation for all case Mate cover.
?br /> SanDisk Flash Memory.
Let us not Get the names However we entire Familiar the names of several functionally Best communication gadgets which have failed in the iPad Pro Covers marketplace by reason of their Constrained or deficient memory augmentation characteristics Hence storage gadgets are single of the mainly regular accessories nowadays, Flash Memory cards are the Added accepted out of the list. And once it appears to Flash Memory, there is no enhanced label than SanDisk. Presenting the range from 2GB to 16GB of detachable Memory, the innovative SanDisk Flash Memory gadgets are simply an exception as it appears to information storage in communication gadgets.
?br /> Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A video showcasing what is claimed to be the rear shell of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 was published today by . While component leaks have been abundant for the 4.7-inch version, this is one of only a few leaks for the 5.5-inch iPhone, which is rumored to be entering production in September

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Possible 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell Showcased in New Video

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Cell Phone Accessories Tips on Buying and Caring

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As cell phone accessory is mostly used by most number of cell phone users, different kinds are now made available over the market. It is indeed a fact that there are numerous people who are fond of using accessories as they find it beneficial to their cell phone. As beneficial as it is, it also adds color and beauty to the unit itself.

Aside from the availability over the marketplace, internet is also a great iPad Mini 3 Keyboard place to look at. It offers wide array of choices with countless number of stores available. Cheap cell phone cases can be easily located. You will never run out of choices to select from. Without a doubt, it is the most convenient place to shop. Everything is done with just few clicks. However, there are things needed to be considered beforehand. Listed below are the considerations to take before buying things online.

First and foremost, make sure it is a reputable store. You need to be sure that iPad Pro Covers the store has a legitimate seller. Read different reviews by the customers. Determine whether they have more satisfied customers than those who are not. Articles about the website may also be of big help.

Second, check for the products. It has to be original.

Third, probe about the security of the store. Since it is online, hackers along with identity thieves are scattered everywhere. You need to make sure that before doing the transaction, especially the payment, their system is well protected. iPad Air 2 Case It is not only the payment that is important, your information as the buyer should also be secured.

Fourth, go over the product description to make sure you are buying the right cell phone accessory for your phone.

Purchasing is just one part of the story. The other half calls for the way to take care of it. Maintenance is extremely important if you want to last it for a longer time. As cell phone case protects the functionality of your mobile phone then it is your responsibility as well to take iPad Mini 3 Keyboard Case care of its protector. Here are some of the tips that may help in caring for cell phone accessories.

-If you are using a leather case, you have to maintain the beauty of its material by keeping it supple. It can be done by applying conditioner made for leather every now and then. Cleaning it may be done by simply using a damp cloth to remove the stains right before placing in the material deeply.

-Cleaning accessories like chargers, Bluetooth headsets and batteries cannot be done without using iPhone 6 Bumper a damp cloth. It should be dry in order to take away all the grime and dirt stuck on it. It is important to put it on safe places. Keep it away from water and edges of chairs or tables to prevent falling accidentally.

Taking care of cell phone along with accessories is necessary. You have to remember, small damage can cause big problems on any kind of gadget.

For more details about cell phone accessory

Do Even More With Your Blackberry Passport With These Accessories

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The Blackberry Passport is an amazing piece of modern technology. This small device has become a part of everyday life and a common household item. Since this is an item that is physically handled and manipulated everyday, there are number of accessories available to make using this product easier, more functional and safer. Protecting your electronic gadgets is just as important as making sure they look good.

In the world of cases, there are posh leather iPad Mini Air Keyboard cases that are a must-have to protect your Blackberry Passport. Much like any other case, it keeps your investment clean and safe from scuffs and marks. Where it stands apart is in its?sleek design, luxurious look, and functionality as both a protective case and stand. It boasts fabulous looking black, faux-leather exterior and dark suede interior lining that protects your screen from scratches. Its?protective exterior is perfect for family or business life on-the-go. It allows convenient access to all of the ports and features without having to remove the case. There Galaxy S5 Cases are three viewing positions that make using your Blackberry Passport much more comfortable.

There are stylus pens that immediately improve your Blackberry Passport user experience. They are a great little tool which will make working on your touch screen even easier. With these handy little devices you can breeze through emails, document creations, art projects and more with this highly precise, pen-like tool. This particular item has a high-quality, soft head to protect against damage to your touch screen. This is great for either left-handed or right-handed iPhone 6 Accessories writers, is light-weight and is extremely portable; it even includes a clip to easily attach to a pocket. Buy one for your home and your office and experience the difference that comes with greater control and comfort.

One of the most exciting accessories is called a station or workstation. What is impressive about this accessory is how extensively it expands the functionality of your device. Whether you intend to use your Blackberry Passport for work or play this product can accommodate your needs in an impressive way, not only holding and supporting the Blackberry Passport Moto G2 Accessories but turning it into a multi functioning hub. The body of the workstation has a min-usb port which is incredibly useful and it has high-end, built-in speakers. It offers amazing concert-quality sound, a wired, pop-out keyboard, and multiple angles to suit your viewing needs. It has a slide out keyboard (which is great for easily creating emails and documents,) and yet it still manages to take up minimal space on your desktop.

By simply docking your device (either vertically or horizontally,) you get a sound system, a game station, a work station and a charging iPhone 6L Case dock all-in-one. Also, you can beat the convenience of a mini remote control, which is great for when you are lounging or entertaining guests. This companion piece is the best way to maximize the potential of your product and once you have it, you will not be able to live without it.

Pure Mobile cell phone accessories make it easy to get ready for school. Make sure you also browse the selection of new Blackberry Passport accessories to ensure your smartphone is not only protected, but looks good as well.

Bodyguard of your mobile Mobile phone accessories

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Utility of mobile phone accessories: – It is well-known fact that today cheap mobile phones are not honorable connectedness devices, but they have come up as multi-functional gadgets. So, today we get a signaling of accessories with handsets, which compound their use.

For those users who require to passport their lovely possession iPad Air 2 Case for them there is comprehensive capableness of accessories which can add a thought to the experience of flying phone and durability. It adds a perfect sensing to the device.

It can be said that latest city accessories are measure additions that are decisive to love in every modernistic peregrine phone. The accessory of mobile phone allows USB data video, TV-out video, headphones or earphones and battery charger. Waving iPhone 6 Bumper Case punt to the core mark most essentialities of chargers and mobile batteries, the show of hardcover by iron like and supportive power of battery.

Quality of airborne battery also speaks a lot about the dimension of versatile you are almost to purchase. So, compromising on the level of versatile phone battery is like compromising with the age of your device.

Added grievous object that consumer should take into consideration iPad Mini 3 Cases is the action of the unsurpassable degree of movable sound cases procurable in the activity. They are available in varied styles and patterns which come in good design pouch which do not possess belt clip among numerous separate varied products. Buy the cheap mobile phone which best suits your requirement and create the new trend.

Headphones or earphones are the most widely utilized accessories of mobile phones. They can Galaxy S5 Cases be utilized for two objectives. Foremost, you can divulge on phone with the assistance of these, time doing any run such like action sustenance, tea/coffee, driving a vehicle etc. But, there should be microphones also committed with earphones or headphones. Apart from this, you can hear to media player or FM radio with the serve of these transplantable accessories.

Another important addition provided with these handsets iPad Air 2 Keyboard includes TV-out cable. It can be utilized with those handsets which originate with TV-out boast. It is the characteristic through which users can follow the images and videos of their handsets on their television.

John Brown is known for writing judicious reviews regarding popular Mobile phones like Mobile Accessories and also provides other information like on Cheap Mobile Phones

It is well-known that today mobile phones are not just communication devices, but they have evolved into the multi-functional gadgets. So, today we get a number of accessories with handsets, which enhance their utility. Some of these mobile phone accessories include USB iPad Pro Cover data cable, TV-out cable, headphones or earphones and battery charger.

Today, mobile phones and computers are closely related to each other. Transfer of documents, videos, pictures etc., can be done very often by the present day users. With the help of USB data cable, you can connect your handset with computer and can perform the data transfer operation. Same can be done with iPad Mini Air Cases the help of Bluetooth connectivity also, but copying and moving files in bulk is not so comfortable in case of Bluetooth.

TV-out cable is another important add-on with handsets. It can be used with those handsets which come with TV-out feature. It is the feature through which users can watch the images and videos of their handsets on their television screen.

Headphones or iPad Pro Case earphones are one of the most widely used accessories of mobile phones. They can be used for two purposes. First, you can talk on phone with the help of these, while doing any work like taking meal, tea/coffee, driving etc. But, there should be microphones also attached with earphones or headphones. Apart, you can listen to media player or FM radio with the help of these mobile accessories.

iPad Pro Covers Battery chargers are the mobile accessories which are available with every type of handset, either high-end or middle-end or low-end. As the name itself suggests, these are used for charging the batteries of the handsets.

All these mobile phone accessories are provided to the users with many of the handsets at the time of purchase. But, if you do not get any of these with your iPad Air 2 Covers handset or any of these accessories of your handset is lost or damaged, then you can buy the latest mobile accessories from several internet portals. Many of these portals consist of comparison option also with the help of which you can compare the prices and features of the products and can select the one as per your requirements.